Can Raspberry Pi 3 Run PS2?

Raspberry Pi computers help to pack all kinds of computer power wizardry into a small and rather adorable package.

Can Raspberry Pi 3 Run PS2

They can be used in so many situations, such as education, to teach computer engineering and coding, as well as for personal use, as mini computers, or as extra storage devices that can easily be transported around and hooked up to whatever screen you want.

One very popular usage case for Pi computers is emulation, to play retro gaming classics. Due to their convenient size and the fair power contained within, Raspberry Pi computers can run all manner of classic games via some of the most popular emulators.

However, as technology and emulators continue to improve, many are beginning to wonder whether it is possible to run more contemporary games on Raspberry Pi (see also ‘How to Set Up OpenMediaVault on Raspberry Pi‘).

Games from the sixth generation of consoles, in particular, are very sought after. This includes the early 2000s powerhouses of the Gamecube, Xbox, and PS2 games.

But can the Raspberry Pi 3 specifically run PS2 games? What does it take to run PS2 games on a computer? Do you need to overclock the Raspberry Pi 3? There are so many questions, and we’re here to answer them. Read on to find out if your Raspberry Pi 3 can run your favorite classic PS2 games.

Can The Raspberry Pi 3 Run PS2 Games?

Unfortunately not. Even the more powerful Raspberry Pi 4 model cannot run PS2 game ROMs reliably without considerable problems, and even then a Raspberry Pi 4 would need to be overclocked to run PS2 games in the first place.

Technically, the Raspberry Pi 3 can run a PS2 emulator, but it would encounter significant trouble in running the games themselves.

If you were to try running a PS2 game on your Raspberry Pi 3 (see also ‘Can Raspberry Pi 4 Run PS2‘), it is very likely that the motherboard would eventually overheat as there is no onboard cooling, and this could lead to your Raspberry Pi 3 crashing.

What Would Happen If You Played A PS2 Game On A Raspberry Pi 3?

If you were to attempt to run a PS2 game ROM on your Raspberry Pi 3, it is very likely that you would encounter some pretty serious issues.

The most notable issues would be on the visual end. You should very well expect low frame rates. Tests of classic PS2 games like Spiderman 2 on Raspberry Pi 4 have shown that it runs no faster than 10 frames per second, so you should expect it to run at a far worse frame rate on a Raspberry Pi 3.

You will also most likely encounter graphical issues. Character models and even basic sprites will likely become heavily distorted, and may not even load in fully.

There will also be intense pop-in, with many textures on both the character and the environment suddenly loading in far later than they normally should, which leaves many games looking very ugly and unlike how you remember.

Other visual issues include screen-tearing, which makes many games close to impossible to play. 2D elements in PS2 games may also begin flashing obnoxiously, such as health bars and HUDs, which can create for very uncomfortable play and can even pose a strobe risk.

Audio issues include distortion, with certain sounds playing in a warped manner. Some sounds even appear to play in slow motion, to work with the far slower frame rate. And many audio files may not even play out at the intended time, which can completely spoil the atmosphere of certain games.

Is Raspberry Pi 3 Good For Emulation?

While the Raspberry Pi 4 can handle slightly more complex games, such as those from the Playstation 1 or Nintendo 64, the Raspberry Pi 3 can easily handle games from older console generations.

Some examples of consoles that the Raspberry Pi 3 can run include Atari 2600, Atari 7200, Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo Super NES, and Sega Genesis. There are plenty of all-time classic games on these consoles, hence why the Raspberry Pi proves to be such a popular emulation platform.

The most popular emulation platform on Raspberry Pi continues to be RetroPie, which allows users access to all of their various classic console emulators and amazing game ROMs in one convenient platform.

RetroPie helps to keep emulation simple and easy so that the Raspberry Pi can easily act as an all-in-one classic console to hook up whenever you want to access some classic games.

Can A Raspberry Pi 3 Emulate 3DS?

Not likely. The 3DS is capable of delivering graphics that can rival even the PS2 at best, and, as such, it would be very difficult for a Raspberry Pi 3 to emulate 3DS games. As well as this, there are very few working 3DS emulators that can run on even some of the best computers, so it is not currently worthwhile trying to emulate 3DS as it is.

What Raspberry Pi Should I Buy For RetroPie?

If you are planning on running the RetroPie program on your RaspberryPi computer, then you will most likely want to aim to get the most powerful option available. You should spring from either the Raspberry Pi 4 model or the Raspberry Pi 400 model.

These computers come with ARM processors, which means they are more capable of running more advanced software at a faster speed.

Raspberry Pi 4 computers can also be overclocked so that you can achieve even better speeds, though this should be done with caution, as overclocking a Raspberry Pi 4 runs the risk of overheating, which could cause irreparable damage if you don’t do it properly.

Make sure to follow an appropriate guide to overclocking your Raspberry Pi 4 if you wish to.


Unfortunately, a Raspberry Pi 3 computer cannot currently run PS2 games. There is every chance that PS2 emulators could be improved to the point that they can run on Raspberry Pi 3, but this is unlikely. Even Raspberry Pi 4 has significant trouble running PS2 games.

However, as an affordable option, Raspberry Pi 3 makes for a great solution for anyone who wants to build their own all-in-one emulation machine to access a whole world of classic games, so why not try it out?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Pi 4 Emulate GameCube?

Unfortunately, though the Raspberry Pi 4 computer can get GameCube games to run, they will run at a severely hampered frame rate, and with significant visual and audio issues that could ruin your experience with them.

It is currently unlikely that the Raspberry Pi 4 will be able to run GameCube games moving into the future unless the developers of Gamecube emulators decide to optimize them for Raspberry Pi 4 specs.

Will There Be A Raspberry Pi 5?

There has been no official announcement of a Raspberry Pi 5 as of yet, but it is highly likely to happen eventually. Raspberry Pi computers are highly popular, so it stands to reason that the company would want to improve their existing stable of products even further.

Is Raspberry Pi Illegal?

No. All components that go into every Raspberry Pi computer are completely legal and obtained in a fully legal manner. As well as this, they are sold by a legally compliant business that has earned much respect across the computer industry.

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