How To Update Spigot

Everybody loves to play a video game, and a very popular video game is Minecraft. Minecraft is a game that has been popular with many people for several years of all ages and it continues to have many users on its platform.

How To Update Spigot

To play Minecraft, people normally use the software known as Spigot. Spigot, like any other software, requires regular updates in order to function correctly. 

Let’s face it, how annoying is it when you’re in the middle of something and your technology tells you that you need to install an update and you simply don’t know how or what to do?

In this guide, we’re going to take you through the ins and outs of what Spigot is and how you can update it.

So, grab a drink and settle in as we take you through the updating process of Spigot!

Wait – Back Up, What Is Spigot?

Spigot is a type of modified software that originated from the Minecraft server. It’s owned and operated by SpigotMC.

SpigotMC is a company that began in 2012 and is the place that a large gaming community call home as it provides the largest server for Minecraft players such as projects for software, support, help, assistance and general guidance for their platform.

You can use their platform to show your favorite Minecraft work and creations, whilst connecting with many other users all over the world. 

They also offer guidance and assistance through forums and live chat functions which will help anybody who is lost in the Minecraft world get their way back to normality and provide more focus!

The community itself is continuously growing and currently has more than three hundred thousand users! It truly is a home away from home for creative minds and content makers and provides so much help for millions of server owners.

What Software Do They Offer?

All SpigotMC software is free to operate for its users and they have plenty to offer. They continue to function mainly through donations and volunteers that work for nothing.

Spigot Install 

The most used and widely recognized of their software is Spigot Install and this is based on CraftBukkit allowing for enhanced performance, new configurations, new features and different options but continues to be compatible with other servers and plug-ins.

This is important when it comes to a community-led platform and it allows for the smooth operation of the vanilla Minecraft game mechanics to work as well as it ever did. 

Consistent improvements are available using Spigot install and they continue to monitor for any obvious problems that players of the platform might encounter.

How To Update Spigot (1)

This format allows players to keep enjoying their game with as little interference during play as possible. 

When a problem does arise though, they will require an update – and that is the crux of this guide. After we’ve established what other software is on offer, we will tell you how you can update your Spigot. 

BungeeCord Install

This is a fantastic version of software that allows for the connection of multiple servers for Minecraft and can bring across a smooth connection with little troubles.

With this software, you don’t have to restrict yourself to simply one server – and why would you want to do that anyway? If you’ve got the capabilities – make use of them!

All of the top and largest networks that Minecraft operates from comes from BungeeCord software and it allows others to write and include plugins for chat abilities and group sessions.


This is the modified version of the original vanilla Minecraft server and has been operating even prior to SpigotMC taking full control. 


This is the software where developers can make user plugins and they continue to make changes to assist and support new functionality and updates with the Minecraft universe. 

From here, we can move nicely onto how you can update your Spigot!

So – How Do You Update Spigot?

The really annoying thing with some update processes is that they do not run automatically, so as a result, you might be missing out on key changes and information, as well as much improved formats and gameplay functions.

If this applies to you, you’ll need to access your server files and login. Delete the larger file (jar file) and then restart your server.

Anytime that Spigot announces and releases a possible update for you, they become a new listed option for you to select and install, as and when required.

All you will need to do is click on the update that you require and then restart the server. It’s always recommended that you do this to fix annoying bugs and install new patches to avoid any gameplay troubles and things that have been annoying you during your play time!

Always use the newest version of Spigot so you can access these updates. 

What If I’m Encountering Troubles?

If, for any reason, this guide does not work for you, you should consider the following steps.

First, check what device you are using this on. How old is your computer? Do you have enough storage space? What capacity do you have for this to run on?

Remember, if your machine is not powerful enough, the likelihood of a smooth game is very low and you will find it difficult to update your Spigot when you really need to.

Next, you could try restarting your system and reinstalling the whole lot. Sometimes this will work before you start on the final step.

If all else fails, try to access the Spigot community and ask for some more advice and assistance. They are constantly dealing with people with common problems and will likely be able to advise you further when it comes to Spigot updates.


Updating your software is critical for a smooth gameplay and operations. It’s always recommended that you continue to monitor your systems and ensure you’re totally up to date.

Erik D