Can A Raspberry PI 4 Run Minecraft? – Everything You Need To Know

Can Raspberry PI 4 Run Minecraft - What You Need To Know

The potential uses for Raspberry Pi are almost endless. These compact computers are not only great for educational and practical purposes, however, as they are also renowned for their ability to create entire entertainment systems to enjoy film, music, and even video games.

If you’re a fan of the classic block-building game Minecraft like we are, you just might want to know, can a Raspberry Pi 4 run Minecraft?

Raspberry Pi computers are often used to host emulation platforms to allow users to access classic and retro games, but is it possible to use a Raspberry Pi computer to run more modern games, such as the ever-popular Minecraft?

Will Minecraft be able to run on a Raspberry Pi computer? Will it even be able to run on one of the most powerful models of the computer, the Raspberry Pi 4?

Join us down below, because today we are going to find the answers you seek. 

Can A Raspberry Pi 4 Run Minecraft?

Technically speaking, yes a Raspberry Pi 4 computer can run Minecraft but it needs to run a highly specialized version of the game that is intended for use with the Raspberry Pi.

This is because the most up-to-date version of Minecraft could be more demanding graphically for all Raspberry Pi models

The version of Minecraft that can work on a Raspberry Pi computer is referred to as ‘Minecraft: Pi Edition’ which is a version of the game that is far simpler than how it appears on more advanced computers or home consoles.

This version of the game is based on a more early version of Minecraft, which means that it is still totally lots of fun to play, and the game continues to receive updates to optimize its gameplay.

Can Minecraft Run On Any Other Raspberry Pi Models?

Yes. The ‘Pi Edition’ of Minecraft can very easily operate on older models of the Raspberry Pi, though the game may encounter slightly more hurdles along the way on older hardware, as older models of the compact computer are not quite as powerful.

It is best recommended to play the game using the most powerful version of the Raspberry Pi, the 4B model. However, if you want the game to run at its best on older models, you may want to consider overclocking your device.

It is possible to get Minecraft operating on other single-board computers like the Banana Pi, stay tuned for more guides on these!

How Do You Get Minecraft Running On Raspberry Pi 4?

How Do You Get Minecraft Running On Raspberry Pi 4

What You Will Need

can a raspberry pi 4 run minecraft

How To Download And Run Minecraft On Your Raspberry Pi

Make Sure You Have The Latest Version Of Raspberry Pi OS

The first thing you are going to want to make sure to do, before even attempting to download or run Minecraft on your Raspberry Pi 4 is to ensure that the system is updated to the latest version of the Raspberry Pi OS. This can be done via the command terminal on your Raspberry Pi computer.

Download Minecraft

Once you have ensured that your Raspberry Pi is optimized to the latest operating system, you will want to go about downloading the latest version of the Minecraft Pi Edition file. This can be done at the official Minecraft website

Once you have downloaded the game, you will want to add it to an optimized flash drive that you can directly hook up to the Raspberry Pi unit.

Make sure that the USB flash drive is optimized to work alongside the Raspberry Pi OS, if it is not optimized, then it will not be able to boot up Minecraft on the device. 

Install Minecraft Through Terminal

Once you have plugged in the flash drive containing the Minecraft Pi Edition file, it is time to get it running!

Head to the Raspberry Pi command terminal and type in ‘cd’ before hitting enter. This will start up a command that will allow you to make Minecraft start up.

From there, type in ‘tar-zxvf minecraft-pi-0.1.1.tar.gz’, and then hit enter to execute this command. 

Again, open another command line, and type in the code ‘cd mcpi’ before hitting enter.

Finally, all you then need to do is type in and execute the command ‘./minecraft-pi’.

These are the same steps that you will want to make sure to follow every time you plan to open up the game.

Ensure The Game Is Running Smoothly

Once you have booted up the game, try playing around with it to see how well it is running. Following the steps above should be enough to get it running smoothly. 

However, if you encounter difficulty, make sure to consult the carefully constructed guide available on the Minecraft website that can help you to optimize.

Is Minecraft: Pi Edition Worth Playing?

Though Minecraft: Pi Edition may be a very bare-bones version of the popular game with fewer features, it is still very much worth experiencing. Even the earliest versions of Minecraft, which this free version is based on, are very fun and addicting to play.

Minecraft: Pi Edition is also very worth playing if you are new to the world of programming and Raspberry Pi computers. The reason for this is that it involves some amount of coding and programming to get the game running, but not so much as to be overwhelming or confusing to beginners. 

Minecraft: Pi Edition also runs on the Redstone coding language which is used to make the game work. Thus, players can make small changes to how the game runs by playing around with this code in order to get a sense of how coding works and what immediate impacts it has on the performance of the game. 

This can make Minecraft: Pi Edition a fun and engaging way for young people to get to grips with programming, as they can play one of their favorite games while also learning about the impact that coding has. 

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To Wrap Up

There we have it. Though a Raspberry Pi 4 would not be able to run the current version of Minecraft as found on stronger computers or consoles, it can still very much run a specially-designed version of the game built from the ground up for use with Raspberry Pi.

This version of the game is free, and while it may be a little more basic, it is totally fun for young people to use it as an avenue for learning programming and coding. 

For a video walkthrough, check out the clip by NotroDan below the frequently asked questions.


What Games Can The Raspberry Pi 4 Run?

While the Raspberry Pi 4 isn’t the world’s most powerful computer, it can easily run many games, especially retro and arcade games through the use of emulators such as RetroPie.

Is The Raspberry Pi 4 Good For Gaming?

If you are wanting a fun and cost-effective way to play retro video games, then the Raspberry Pi 4 is the model to go with as it is the most powerful.

Can I Play GTA V On A Raspberry Pi?

Definitely not. Let’s pretend you didn’t ask that question…

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