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How Does Parsec Work?

If you’re into online gaming or do a lot of collaborative work online, there’s a decent chance that you’ve heard of Parsec.  This program is becoming increasingly popular as a screen-sharing platform, and its interactive features mean that it’s great for hosting anything from an office meeting to a co-op video game. Whether you’re familiar …

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What Is Nextcloud?

Nextcloud is a form of open-source software that lets users run their own cloud storage service. It’s been around since 2016, and its features are most similar to those offered by Dropbox.  The server software can be installed for free on Linux, while the client software runs on OS X, Windows, as well as Linux. …

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What Is MAME?

If you know anything about arcade games or emulation, you may have heard of ‘MAME’.  This project is responsible for cataloging and recreating a massive amount of old video games, and is one of the most influential pieces of software in the retro gaming community. But if you aren’t familiar with MAME or video game …

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